OruxMaps Donate v5.2.4

Map viewer/route logger for your outdoor activities.
OruxMaps works in two modes:
online with many different types of maps (Google maps, OpenStreetMap, Microsoft Maps,etc.).
offline with calibrated maps for the application. You can convert your Ozi Explorer maps, or create your own maps, with a desktop tool.

Map download 
Text to Speech (some locales) 
Wms support - Support to some .rmap maps, Support to vector maps (mapsforge) 
Profiles - Save/restore preferences ,Complete track statistics, with different graphs 
External bluetooth GPS support 
Export your tracks in KML/GPX formats 
Follow your old tracks/routes, with distance alarm. 
Save Waypoints with attached photo-audio-video media files. Wpt proximity alarm with custom audio alarm  
Waypoint navigation mode 
Geocaching support 
Custom cursor images 
Power save mode, for long track recording 
Use a heart monitor with your device (supported Zephyr HRM, Polar Bluetooth and ANT+)

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