Phone Remote

Bring all the functionality of your phone to your BlackBerry® PlayBook™. Similar to a remote desktop application on your pc, this app brings your phone's screen to your tablet allowing you to access all your apps, emails, texts, media, settings and options on your BlackBerry® PlayBook™.
Large ergonomic controls enlarge your phone's navigation keys, keyboard and touch screen* reducing the difficulties sometimes encountered when using a smaller device. Remotely control and access your phone while its charging, connected to a pc or media station, or simply left in another room. Why carry both your devices around when you can just carry one?  * Touch screen navigation only available if you are accessing a touch screen device.  * Sometimes deactivating and activating wifi on first install will speed up connections issues.  * Once connected for the first time - find the best position for the phone screen image by checking Reposition checkbox and set the w and h textbox to the resolution of your phone and these settings will be saved for you. (Be sure to uncheck Reposition when you are happy with the position of the image to be able to send touch events).
Once downloaded, you will need to install a free pairing app (search for “phone remote pairing app” in app world or download from http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/48498?lang=en) 
onto each phone you want to access remotely through your BlackBerry® PlayBook™. Currently both devices need to be within a shared wifi network. Further info available from our website www.simplyapps.org. 

 Phone Remote pairing app works for all devices running os 5, 6 or 7 so if you cant see the pairing app just send us an email.  Please ensure you keep the phone app up to date also via app world updates.  You can now use PlayBook bezel gestures to navigate your phone, swipe down from top bezel to press back on your phone or double swipe down from top to press menu button on your phone.  Portrait mode is now available, rotate to portrait mode when a connectioon is active and you will automatically go to fullscreen mode - you can use the bezel gestures to navigate!  If you are experiencing lag issues then restart your router, the app has been tested thoroughly and is capable of processing and displaying multiple images (screenshot) per second. Check network rather than leaving bad feedback!


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