Battle Ballz

Feed those restless fingers with this action packed arcade game for 1-2 players. 
Do battle across a danger ridden battlefield. earn achievements, poach power-ups and beat your opponent into submission  

 - Single and multiplayer (1-2 players) 
 - Variety of game modes - 4 modes of difficulty (play as a Sunday Driver or a Need for Speed freak!)
 - Tutorial mode - New features and hazards added as you progress - Around 80 different achievements that can be earned - Pick-ups to help / hinder players such as barriers, shrink enemy, grow player, freeze wave and more 
 - Easy controls using tap slide and slam 
 - 10, 20 and 30 round games to suite your time
 - Stats tracking to help you measure and improve your performance or prove how badly you just beat your friend 
 - Great graphics, music and effects
 - Cool sci-fi theme
 - Suitable for adults and children of all skill levels

zippy share 

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