PDF Builder 2 pro

- New design (card style)
- PDF Printer new implemented, with MANY improvements
- Can now open pdf files from other programs
- PDF Tools has now a option to show the selected pdf file
- Android 2.1 compatible
- Many more, see changelog

PDF Builder consists of 3 parts.
1. PDF Printer & Doc. Scanner: Print/create a new pdf file from other source like images from the camera or other pdf's etc. . You can f.e. print 4 pages to 1 page (good for presentations etc.). 
2. PDF Tools: Manipulate your pdf files, f.e. reorder pages or merge pdf files to one file and so on.
3. Converter: Convert one fileformat to another format.
- Nice UI for smartphones and tablets

PDF Printer & Document Scanner:
- take picture(s) with your camera and use the image(s)
- support for pdf, xps, cbz files and images.
- remove pdf password, even if you have only the user password :)
- open pdf file(s) or image(s) and print/create your own pdf for hardware-printing
- create your own profiles
- print f.e. 4 sides from a pdf file to one page. (See screenshot). You can set every grid. 1x1, 2x1, 2x2 etc.
- Add your own bookmarks to page
- Rotate a page.
- Different pagesizes from Din-A1 until Din-A7
- 7 different quality options for export and preview
- Greyscale your pdf pages
- Draw a border around every page
- Set page orientation for the new pdf file
- Move pages to another position
- Insert a paragraph or empty page
- Insert (add) other PDF documents or images
- Paperformat A1-A10, B1-B10, arch etc.
- and more

*/PDF Tools key features:
+ merge pdf files to one pdf file
+ split pdf files
-- split a file at a point (f.e. page 3)
-- multisplit, you can split on more points in one step
+ extract pdf parts
-- extract f.e. from page 3 to page 5 to a new pdf file
-- multiextract (f.e. first extract page 1 to 4 and second extract page 3-5)
-- if you use multiextract, you can merge it to one pdf file or multi pdf files
+ add pagenumbers to a pdf file
-- set position (header, footer)
-- set alignment (left, middle, right)
-- two display formats
-- enter the startpage
-- enter the startnumber
-- numbersize in px
-- many startnumber colors
+ add empty pages
+ add images
-- add an image or images after or befor a page you want 
+ add a watermark-image to a pdf file (over content)
-- set position of the watermark-image
-- set opacity
+ add a watermark-image to a pdf file (under content)
-- see above
+ add a watermark-text to a pdf file (over content)
-- set position of the watermark-text
-- set opacity
-- many text colors
-- set watermark-text size
-- set rotation
-- choose your watermark-text
+ add a watermark-text to a pdf file (under content)
-- see above
+ extract images from a pdf file
+ reorder pages of a pdf file
+ remove pages of a pdf file
+ remove password and restrictions from a pdf file
+ set (new) permissions/restrictions (only pro)
-- allow printing
-- allow poor printing
-- allow copy
-- allow fill in
-- allow content modification
-- allow annotation modification
-- allow screenreaders
-- allow assembly
+ set (new) password to a pdf file (only pro)
-- set/change owner password
-- set/change user password
+ set (new) metadata
-- set/change author
-- set/change creator
-- set/change titel
-- set/change topic
-- set/change keywords

NOTE -Some features are not working (not fully tested yet).

zippy share 


  1. The tools work great!!! but why is it an old version? the one on googleplay is much more recent. Could you upload the newest version please? it has a lot more features.