While surfing i found this so enjoy this on your playbook

250 Solitaire Collections

3 Kingdoms TD 1.3.5.bar

4 in a Row 1.0.12.bar

4 Player Reactor 1.92.bar


Abuga Enter StrangePlace 1.0.bar

Advent Rush 1.07.bar

Aeon Avenger 1.1.0.bar

Air Control 2.0.bar

Alert Terrorist 1.3.bar

All My Enemies 2.1.2.bar

Ant Smasher .1.34.bar

Aporkalypse - Pigs of Doom 1.0.2.bar

Assaulter Unlimit 1.00.bar

Astral Plague 1.7.1.bar

Avenger 1.00.02.bar

Barr 1.3.2.bar

Basket Ball Shot 2.1.2.bar

Basketball Shot 1.0.66.bar

Best Tic Tac Toe 1.0.0.bar

Big Big Big II 1.52.bar

Biohazard Escape 1.0.8.bar

Bird Shooter.bar

Block Shift 1.1.2.bar

Blue Defense Second Wave 1.0.bar

Boulder Dash The Collection 1.4.0.bar

Brain Cube HD Premium 1.0.3.bar

Bubble Birds II 2.0.4.bar

Bubble Blast

Bubble Buster Pro 2.0.bar

Buble Turtle Shape Match 1.0.102.bar

Build A Lot 1.3.5.bar

Cake Mania Main Street 1.3.6.bar

Canabalt HD 1.0.7.bar

Cars And Guns 3D.bar

Caveman 1.0.3.bar

Caveman 2 1.0.1.bar

Chain Pang 1.0.0.bar

Chinese Chess.bar

City Jump Strike Back 1.06.bar

COD Elite

ConnectEm Halloween 1.0.1.bar

Conquer 3 Kingdoms 1.0.2.bar

Crime City 1.26.bar

Crime Story 1.08.bar

Croco Runner 1.0.3.bar

Crosswords Light

Crystal Defenders 1.0.bar

Cut And Slice.bar

Cyber Knights RPG 0.1.03.bar

Cyberlords Arcology 1.0.3.bar

Dante the Inferno Game 1.4.8.bar

Dark Maze 1.03.bar

Darts 3D 1.0.5.bar

Darts 3D Pro 1.0.6c.bar

Deadly Dungeons RPG 2.0.5.bar


Defender 1.0.9.bar

Defender II 1.0.bar

Defensoid 1.05.bar

Delicious Emilys Taste of Fame 1.2.0.bar

Devil Ninja 1.1.4.bar

Devil Ninja 1.1.8.bar

Devil Ninja 2 1.0.2.bar

Devil Ninja 2 Vs Boss 1.1.2.bar

Dice Me Online 1.8.6.bar

Dinosaur War 1.0.bar

Doctor Bubble 1.0.8.bar

Dog Fight 1.2.bar

Doodle Assault

Doodle Assault 1.4.bar

Doodle Bubble Pro 1.0.35.bar

Doodle Devil 1.872.bar

Doodle Farm Free

Doodle Fishing Lite 1.0.10.bar

Doodle Jump 1.12.4.bar

Doodle Moon

Dot Ranger 1.5.13.bar

Drag Racing 1.1.13.bar

Drag Racing 5.9.bar

Drawdle 1.6.bar

Dropalien 1.0.bar



Dungeon Tower Defense 1.3.2.bar

Dungeon Village 1.0.1.bar

Duty Of Heroes 2.5.8.bar

Elastic World 1.0.bar

Empire Online 1.09.bar

Epic Astro Story 1.0.bar

Eve Of The Genesis 1.5.0.bar

Eve Of The Genesis HD 1.0.0.bar

Farm Frenzy 2.19.32.bar

Farm Frenzy 2.19.32.bar

Fifa 2010 Lite 1.2.bar

Finger Bowling 2.4.bar

Finger Dance Revolution 2.0.0.bar

Fingers Vs Knife 1.0.11.bar

Fire Works Game 1.1.6.bar

Fish Predator 1.0.2.bar

Fishing Diary 1.0.5.bar

Flood Extreme 0.14.bar

Forest Runner1.0.5.bar

Formula One Racing 1.9.bar

Four In a Row 1.0.12.bar

Freecell Solitaire 2.70.bar

Fruit Pop 1.1.1.bar

Fruit Slice 1.3.6.bar

Galaxy Laser Vs Boss 1.2.7.bar

Galazer 1.1.1.bar

Galazer 1.1.3.bar

Game Boy and GBA Emulator 1.0.11.bar

Garage Slots 2.0.9.bar

Gem Miner 2 1.0.21.bar

Gingerbread Dash 1.7.bar

Goal Keeper 1.1.5.bar

Gold Miner 1.4.bar

Grabatron 1.5.0.bar

Grabatron IV 1.1.0.bar

Grand Prix Story 1.0.3.bar

Grand Prix Story 1.0.3.bar

Greedy Spider.bar

Grow 1.17.bar

Guitar Hero 5 1.1.0.bar

Guns and Glory 1.4.2.bar

Hanging with Friends 4.52.bar

Hearts of Space 1.43.bar

Helidroid 3D Helicopter RC 1.1.2.bar

Heroes Fight 1.3.bar

Hex Defense

Hexagon Unlim 1.1.bar

Honks 1.0.bar

Hot Springs Story 1.0.2.bar

Hungry Cat Mahjong 1.0.5.bar

Hungry Shark Part III 3.0.bar

Hungry Shark Part III 3.0.bar

Hybris 1.3.bar

I Fishing 3.8.bar

IceFloe 1.0.1.bar

Impossible Jump 1.06.bar


Jewels Deluxe 1.8.bar

Kids Animals 1.1.bar

King Pirate 1.11.bar

Kingdoms at War 1.53.bar

Kingturn RPG 1.0.bar

Klondike Solitaire 2.80.bar

La cave aux enigmes 1.0.97.bar

Labyrinth 1.4.4.bar

Learn to Fly 1.0.bar

Legions Of Rome.bar

Leo RC Simulator 1.6.bar

Lights Off – The Original Game 1.0.3.bar

Lines 98.bar

Live Blackjack 1.8.bar

Live Holdem Pro 4.13.bar

Lucky Ball Beer Pong Gold 1.0.bar

Mafia Game Mafia Shootout 1.0.bar

Magic Bowling FULL 1.1.6.bar

Marble Blast 3.bar

Marble Blast 3.bar

Marv The Miner II 1.1.7.bar

Meetic 1.0.1202.bar

MegaMall Story 1.0.2.bar


Meon 1.0.1.bar

Midnight Pool 3 1.1.6.bar

Minesweeper 1.3.bar

Mini Golf 1.2.bar

MLB.com At Bat Lite 12 1.5.bar

Monsters Splatter Full 1.0.6.bar

Montezuma II 1.3.27.bar

Moon Chaser.bar

Mortal Skies.bar

Mortal Skies 2 - 1.1.bar

Moto X Mayhem Lite1.60.2.bar

Mouse Trap.bar

Move the Box.bar

Move the Box 1.4.bar

Mr.Space!! 1.1.0.bar

My Baby Drum.bar

My Baby Piano.bar

My Paper Plane II 3D 2.0.8.bar

Neon Wave 1.0.6.bar

Neoteria 1.1.1.bar

Ninja Kaka 1.0.1.bar

Ninja Run 1.0.bar

Ninja Skydiving Plus Zombies 1.0.1.bar

One Touch Drawing 1.0.112.bar

Open Sea.bar

Pacific Wings 1.0.1.bar

Paint Joy 1.5.bar

Paladog 2.0.6.bar

Panic Flight 1.1.203.bar

Paper Jet Pro Upgrade 1.5.bar

Paper Racing 1.0.7.bar

Paper Toss.bar

Paper Toss 1.0.9.bar

Paradise Island 1.1.26.bar

Parking Mania 1.0.bar

Parking Mania 1.0.bar

Perfect Piano 5.0.bar

Pet Inn 1.4.1.bar

Piano Hero.bar

Piano Master Pro 1.31.bar

Pika 2012 2.1.1.bar

Pikachu Connect 1.7.bar

Pinball Clasic.bar

Pinball Deluxe 1.3.3.bar

Planet Attack Runner 1.2012.410.bar

Pocket Bingo Pro 2.2.bar

Pocket God

Pocket Leaque Story Lite 1.1.bar

Poker King Online 1.0.2012.bar

Pool Break Pro 1.8.0.bar

ProTanks 1.3.bar

Pumpkins And Monsters.bar

Puzzles with Matches 1.0.20.bar

Racing Moto.bar

Racing Moto 1.1.8.bar

Raiden Sky Force Ace 1.82.bar

Raving MahJong HD 1.0.26.bar

Robot Unicorn Attack

Rock Climbing Jigsaw 1.0.1.bar

Scorched Monster 1.2.2.bar

Scrabble 1.0.bar

Scramble With Friends 4.50.bar

Sega Genesis and Megadrive Emulator 1.1.bar

Shadow 1.0.bar

Sheep Dog 1.0.5.bar

Shoot Bubble Deluxe 2.6.bar

Shooting 1.01.bar

Shooting Warrior Plus 1.0.5.bar

Shopper Paradise HD 1.0.8.bar


Sketch Draw Movie 1.3.bar

Sketch n Draw 2.8.2.bar

Slam Dunk Basket Bal Lite 1.1l.bar

Slime vs Mushroom 1.0.10.bar

Slotomania 1.1.0.bar

Smooth 3D 1.01.bar

SNES Emulator 1.09.bar

Sniper 1.96.bar

Sniper Attack 1.0.bar

Snipper Force 1.0.bar

Solitaire 1.1.7.bar

Space Dog Rugby 1.0.5.bar

Space Invaders Infinity Gene 1.0.3.bar

Space Jumper 1.04.bar

Space STG II Death Rain 1.3.8.bar

Speedy Fish 1.0.1.bar

Stealth Chopper 3D 1.1.0.bar

Super Fighter 1.1.6.bar

Sushi Slash 1.2.8.bar

Swamp Defense 1.43.bar

Swing Frog Free 1.0.8.bar

Tap Fish 1.35.bar

Tap Fish 1.35.bar

Tattoo Tycoon 1.0.0.bar

Text Twist 2 Lite 1.3.bar

The Adventures of Tintin HD 1.0.5.bar

The Avengers

The Lorax Dr Zeus 1.12.bar

The Moron Test 3.bar

The Moron Test 3.0.bar

The Sims FreePlay 1.15.bar

Tiny Robots 1.5.bar

Tiny Station 1.0.1.bar

Top Eleven 1.2.bar

Track My Train 1.3.bar

Traffiic Control 1.1.5.bar

Tub Thumper.bar

UniWar HD 1.5.16.bar

UNO Free 1.0.6.bar

Veggie Blade 1.0.4.bar

Velox 3D 1.3.bar

Warzone Getaway Shooting Game 1.1.2.bar

Weed Farmer 1.4.bar

What The Doodle 1.0.63.bar

here Is The Red 1.0.12.bar

Where is Waldo Now 1.0.114.bar

Where is Waldo Now 1.1.4.bar

Who Is a Millionare 1.3.3.bar

Wild West Sheriff.bar

Wood Enigma 1.0.12.bar

Word Feud 1.2.11.bar

Word With Friends 4802.bar

Words With Friends 4.70.bar

Words With Friends 4.73.bar


World Cruise Story 1.0.1.bar

X Construction 1.36.bar

Xelorians 1.0.1.bar

Zeus Lightning Action Shooter 1.1.85.bar

Zombie Hunting 1.0.0.bar

Zombie Village 1.10.bar

Zombies Crisis 1.0.bar

Zynga Poker 2.01.bar

Zynga Scramble 4.52.bar



  1. Hello
    i wanted to download some of your bar files for my playbook but when i click on a file it says internet explorer cant download i also tried google chrome.
    im leaving you a message i dont know how to contact you anyother way. i hope when i come back to this site i will see your reply
    thank you

    1. Sorry for late reply you can contact me on my email address kumar.sambhaw06@gmail.com i will send you alternate links