Pacemaker is an awesome DJ app that is exclusive to the BlackBerry PlayBook. I have spent some quality time with this app and it makes you feel like you could headline a huge party with your newfound skills. I’m curious which songs you have been using to mix together. The sync button between the turntables makes it easy to keep the beat consistent over your tracks. Today Pacemaker was updated to with some great new features including Vinyl Scratching mode. The changelog is below.
Scratching (Vinyl Mode) – Enable it under (Settings, Mix Control, Vinyl Mode). Simply touch the edges of the navigation pad on the Pacemaker to scratch your music.
Beat Lock/Sync Mode – Enable beat lock by holding the P-Button down and pressing Play on the second deck. The second deck will be synced to the same tempo as the first and held there until this process is repeated.
Sync Tempo – Hold the P-Button down and press Cue on the second deck. The seconddecks tempo will now match the tempo of the first deck.
Beat Jump – Enable beat jump by holding the P-Button down and pressing ‘REW’ on a deck. ‘Beat Jump Enabled’ will be displayed. Repeat this process to jump backward in time in thetrack or hold the P-Button down and press ‘FWD’ to jump forward in the track. You can change the length of the jump by holding the P-Button down and pressing the ‘REW’ and ‘FWD’ buttons simultaneously. Great for creating a ‘stutter effect’.
Fixed Loop Length – Set Fixed Loop Lengths in (Settings, Mix Control, Fixed Loop Length) and all loops you create will default to that length.
Snap Loops – Set this on under (Settings, Mix Control, Snap Loops) and all loops that are created will be snapped to the nearest beat.
Digital Output (Play mode only) – Requires an A/V cable (Digital out where video should be) and this mode only works on the line-out channel (Hardware limitation)
Known Issues:
Scratch effects (Vinyl Mode) can’t be saved. All scratch effects used in a recorded mix will not be saved. They will not be shown in the Pacemaker Editor either when you attempt to edit your mix.
Looping Artifact – Audio from a loop in a previously loaded track can sometimes reappear.
Scratching – Sound quality needs to be improved.
Translations – Wrong translations for other languages other than English.
Legal notice – Requires updating, some listed 3rd party libraries are no longer used.If you don’t have Pacemaker yet then what are you waiting for
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  1. This isn't the version dude its the older 1.1.2, please upload the latest version thanks