How to Run DOS Games on PlayBook?

1) Download and install the application DOSbook:
2)Download on your pc the ms-dos game that you like then you have to unzip the folder and move the game in "misc" on the playbook
3)Run the application (to display the keyboard deslize from the lower left to the center) and type the following lines of code:

mount C /accounts/1000/shared

we want to point out that the syntax is copied: the spaces and folder names. This will allow us to access the hard disk of our playbook.

We now move on drive C by typing:


Once that is done we can start a command that will show us all the single folders on the PlayBook.

To install the game downloaded and saved in the MISC folder you just type:


This command will open the MISC folder, in which we saved our applications.
If we were deciding what to install, we can display the contents of the folder at the command DIR also used previously, once you have chosen the program to install and run, we'll just write it, for example, we have written: 


Here are some MS-DOS games:

Super Mario

Warcraft 2


Mortal Kombat 2

Prince of Persia

Need for Speed

If you do not understand something or if you want to play other MS-DOS ask in the comments

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